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Subsurface Investigations

Soil / Groundwater & Underground Storage Tanks

Soil / Groundwater

Prior to defining a subsurface remediation program, the vertical and lateral extent of the contamination is rigorously defined. The subsurface investigations are normally conducted with a soil probe to minimize soil cuttings, and to reduce both the cost and time required for the study. This definition is necessary to design the most cost-effective remediation programs.

AquaTerra has completed many successful soil and groundwater remediation projects. We have employed insitu bio-remediation, soil removal, and containment to successfully remove soil contaminants. We have successfully remediated groundwater contamination by bio-remediation, external treatment, and off-site disposal.

AquaTerra’s remediation programs have received critical acclaim from clients across the country.

Underground Storage Tanks

U.S. EPA regulations reflect increased public concern about leaking underground petroleum and chemical storage tanks. These federal regulations require owners and operators to:

  • Ensure that all tanks be tested periodically for leaks
  • Protect existing tanks against corrosion or replace them
  • Report, investigate, and clean up all releases
  • Obtain insurance that covers liability for releases

AquaTerra provides the commercial or industrial owner, as well as buyers, developers, and lenders, with services to identify underground storage tank (UST) problems, expedite necessary cleanup, and reduce costs.

AquaTerra can also provide the following services:

  • Preliminary Site Investigation/Assessment (Phase I)
  • Soil Sampling/Testing Using U. S. EPA-SW-846 Guidelines
  • Assessment of Contamination Based on Test Data
  • Interface With Federal, State and Local Regulatory Agencies
  • Leakage Control and Cleanup of Contaminated Soil
  • Tank Closure, Removal and Replacement





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